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Considering Returning Your Lease?

As you close in on your lease end date you have several options for your lease end process, one of these options is to return your leased vehicle to Hendrick CDJRF of Concord. There are several steps to take and things to know before returning your leased vehicle to prevent any unexpected charges and fees. This first step you should take is scheduling a pre-return inspection.

Lease Pre-Return Inspection

The Pre-Return Inspection is meant to help you maintain control of your lease by eliminating any surprises on your final bill. The pre-inspection is a free and easy assessment to determine your vehicles wear. Scheduling your pre-inspection about 4 months from your end of lease date allows time to schedule any necessary repairs or consider other options if your leased vehicle has acquired excess wear and/or miles, as these will result in additional charges at turn-in.

Benefits of taking advantage of our Pre-Return Inspection:

  • Flexible & convenient scheduling.
  • Easy to access location (right off Bruton Smith Blvd. in Concord)
  • No surprise excess wear charges on your final bill.
  • Free comprehensive assessment of your vehicle's wear.
  • Opportunity to visit our dealership before turning in your leased vehicle.



Knowing where your current mileage is at compared to your allocated miles on your lease agreement will help you stay in control of your end of lease process. It may also prevent you from occurring any additional mileage fees because you'll know not to take your car on that impromptu road trip to the beach next weekend when you don't have enough miles left to keep you under your allotted miles.

You want to be sure to check your lease agreement to confirm the total allocated miles for your lease. Mileage allowances will vary lease to lease, so you want to make sure you know the correct allotted miles for your current vehicle that you are driving. Excess miles, or any miles driven over the maximum miles outlined in your lease agreement, will result in an additional charge at return. Your lease agreement also outlines a per-mile charge for any excess miles driven.


Wear can be broken down into two categories, normal wear and excess wear. Normal wear is expected and accounted for. Although, you are responsible for any excess wear which will result in additional charges at time of return.


Normal Wear: normal day-to-day wear. Does not result in additional charges.
For example...

  • Minor and expected imperfections
  • A few small door dings
  • Minor paint scratches and chips
  • Tire tread worn to no less than 4/32 inch

Excess Wear: any wear caused outside the realm of ordinary, day-to-day wear. Such damage will result in additional charges. To protect against additional charges, repairs should be completed prior to lease agreement ending.
Occurrences include:

  • Abuse, neglect or poor maintenance
  • Damage or physical alteration
  • Use of inferior parts and materials for repair