Vehicle owners who are looking for levels of coverage that transcend those received by their insurance companies or their warranty plans should look no further than the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection system. This service has been helping out vehicle owners for over 35-years in many important ways. For example, the Mopar Maximum Care plan and the Added Care Plus plans offer coverage for over 5000 vehicle parts. That's not all, because the system also offers accessories designed to maximize performance levels.

One such Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service performance enhancing part is its cold air induction system. This service provides custom-built cold intake technologies that filter and guide high-pressure air directly into the engines. Once installed, cold air intake technologies can noticeably boost power and performance levels.

Complementing the Mopar intake system is its proprietary exhaust systems. These precisely engineered exhaust parts include tubing, clamps, and custom tips. Some of these exhaust systems employ free-flowing exhaust technologies that maximize outflow while minimizing back pressure, thus boosting performance.

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