Knowing When You Need an Alignment Check

If you've ever noticed that your vehicle has a tendency to pull to one side or the other, then it might need an alignment checkup. Potholes and rough roads can eventually throw your wheels out of alignment. This leads to uneven wear on the tires as well as that uncomfortable pulling motion you get when you try to steer opposite to the way that your wheels are stuck. You might have also felt a sort of vibration in the steering wheel that can tip you off to the fact that something isn't right.

In particularly extreme situations, you might notice that the steering wheel isn't straight up when your front wheels are. If any of this sounds familiar, then give us a call at Hendrick Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Concord. We're right around the corner from you in Concord, NC and can have licensed technicians make sure that all of your wheels are in perfect alignment.

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